School Update

A Community Vision for St. Francis Xavier School is based on the SFX School Needs Assessment Workshop that was conducted January 26, 2013. The report has five main parts:

  1. Community Values
  2. Site Opportunities
  3. Emerging Ideas
  4. Putting the Pieces Together
  5. Next Steps

The report also contains interesting demographic information for the 49/63 area: Race and Income, Home Value and Rents, Housing and Transportation Index, Education.

The purpose of the report was to provide:

  1. Information about the neighborhood and parish community's desire for both the 49/63 area and the school site.
  2. suggestions/Ideas for how the site could be used.

Ultimately, the Diocese will decide what to do with the report's information and suggestions. Also, the responsibility for soliciting proposals, ensuring funding, and actually developing the site still remains with the Diocese. 

Read A Community Vision for St. Francis Xavier School