Solar Panels

St. Francis Xavier has teamed up with Brightergy, a solar power developer, to install 84 solar panels on the east side of our church roof, with no upfront costs to the parish.

The system is owned by Brightergy (all maintenance is covered at no cost to SFX), and will be leased by the parish for a term of 20 years. A monthly lease payment, that will be less than we would have paid to KCPL for the generated electricity will be made. Over the course of 20 years, it is projected (using our current rates) that our electrical usage costs would total $158,403. We will make $72,892 in lease payments, saving us $85,511.

The system will offset approximately 33% of the parish's current KCPL usage. The 25kW system will eliminate 46,448 pounds of CO2 pollution each year, which is equivalent to planting 126 trees or removing the carbon emissions of 42,304 miles driven by the average American car.