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Wedding Planning

The Sacrament of Matrimony signifies the union of Christ and the Church. Marriage is a vocation in the church through which we live our baptismal promises. This sacrament reveals the very mystery of God in our lives. Marriage is always a serious, conscious, sacred commitment. Your choice to share your lives together in marriage and with this community is a bond formed before God and His people. In your relationship, you draw closer to God and to the Church. It is in this sacrament that Christ manifests unconditional love daily and forever.


Engaged couples are asked to contact the parish office at least nine months prior to the planned wedding date. This allows sufficient time to complete the Marriage Preparation Process. It is expected that at least one person is a registered and active member of the parish. Weddings are usually celebrated on Friday or Saturday (1:00pm or 6:00, 6:30pm), although they may be scheduled on other days as circumstances require. Call Pat Woodrum at (816) 381-9164 or contact below.

Information from the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri


Sometimes a person enters into a marriage that subsequently fails and ends in divorce. Divorced Catholics may participate fully in the sacramental life of the church. However, if he or she decides to remarry, a declaration of nullity must be sought in order to allow the Catholic party to marry within the guidelines of the Catholic Church. This process is frequently referred to as “getting an annulment”. To pursue an annulment, in order to be married in the church or to have your current marriage blessed, contact Fr. Hagan who is available to assist in this process. Confidentiality is always honored. Please contact Fr. Bob Hagan, SJ (816) 501-3288

Required Participation:
Attend necessary marriage prep meetings with the Priest or deacon preparing you.

Required Documentation: 

Marriage Registration form with any dispensations that may be required. This is required in order to register your marriage in the parish and Diocesan sacramental records.

Baptism Certificate dated within six (6) months of the wedding is to be submitted by each Catholic person. In an interfaith marriage, a baptized non-Catholic is asked to present a record of Baptism, if that is possible.

Couple Pre-Marital Inventory (FOCCUS or Prepare/Enrich), God’s Plan for a Joy-filled Marriage OR Natural Family Planning Course, Lead Couple OR Catholic Engaged Encounter, .

Certificate of your approved marriage preparation seminar

A marriage license obtained within 30 days of your wedding date. This is a Missouri State License. It can be obtained in any courthouse in Missouri. Please bring this license to the rehearsal.

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1001 East 52nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64110
Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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