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Infant Baptism

Infant Baptism (birth – age 7)

The Sacrament of Baptism is the first of the Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. Baptism welcomes new members into the Church. We baptize infants, children, teens and adults.

Parents must be registered members of the parish or have the written permission of the pastor where they are registered.

At least one of the godparents must be a baptized, confirmed, practicing Catholic. The other godparent may be a Christian witness of another Christian denomination.

There is no fee for the Sacrament, however, it is customary to offer a small financial gift ($25-$100) to the priest performing the Sacrament. In addition, non-parishioners are asked to make a $100 donation to the Church to help cover expenses (staff time, formation materials, ritual supplies, heating and cooling of the building, cleaning, etc.). 

Please contact Mariann McCormally (816) 381-9163 for more information and to schedule a baptism.

Baptismal Registration Form


During the pandemic baptisms are NOT being held during the weekend liturgies.

During the pandemic we ask that baptisms be scheduled on Thursdays so as to allow for required cleaning and sanitizing of the church before and after the ceremony.

Pandemic Protocol

During the pandemic the following protocols must MUST be followed:

family members and guests will enter the church by the Chapel Entrance

all participants must wear masks at all times while in the building (except for children under age 2)

participants will be seated in designated pews in household groups

six-feet social distancing must be maintained as much as possible

the gathering should last no longer than 45 minutes (including picture taking before and after the Baptism)

In addition it should be noted that

persons exhibiting symptoms should not attend

persons over the age of 60 or vulnerable due to underlying health conditions are encouraged not-to-attend

family members and guests will have access to the Chapel bathroom Do we want to make this the church bathroom, so there’s less for Becca to clean?

family members and guests will not have access to a drinking fountain

 Baptismal Prep Class for Parents and GodParents

Parents (and godparents) are asked to attend one “Baptism Prep” class to walk-thru the baptismal ritual and to discuss the following information:
– The Seven Sacraments of the Catholic Church
– The Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist
– The Signs and Symbols of Baptism: Water, Oil, White Garment and Candle
– The Ritual of Baptism
– The Role of Parents in the Life of a Child: The First and Best Teachers in the Ways of Faith
– The Role of Godparents in the Life of a Child: Prayer Partner and Role Model
This isn’t so much a “class,” but a faith-sharing discussion. It is ideal (but not required) for the godparents to attend as well.

The requirements that parents and godparents be registered members of a parish in good standing and attend a Baptism Preparation class may be waived by the priest performing the baptism.

Please contact Pastoral Associate Mariann McCormally or someone else from the Baptism Prep team to set up a time to meet:

Jennifer and Dave Rouyer 816-674-8040

Heidi and Joshua Stigers  913-669-6932

Or you can email us here:

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1001 East 52nd Street, Kansas City, MO 64110
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